Volunteer and Internship Opportunities: Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center

4 Jul

The Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center is seeking individuals interested in volunteer and internship opportunities who would be able to work within the Syringe Exchange & Outreach Services Unit.  General volunteer responsibilities include conducting syringe exchange, community outreach, and providing harm reduction education and counseling to the communities about subjects such as HIV, Hepatitis C and overdose prevention and care services.  Training will be provided to all volunteers and interns on these subjects.

In particular the organization is seeking individuals who may be interested in working with LGBTQ communities and sex workers of Lower Manhattan and the West Village.

This role would involve conducting community outreach to LGBTQ youth and providing syringe exchange and medical care coordination services for transgender individuals who are engaged in hormone therapy. The position will also involve community development work, as LESHRC advocates on behalf of our participants  to the larger community, such as local businesses, tenants associations, law enforcement officials, and the community board about the specialized needs of the individuals we serve in the West Village.

The hours of this role are flexible, although there is one set time commitment in terms of outreach, which occurs on Friday nights from 7 – 10 PM in the Christopher Street area. The position does not offer monetary compensation but school credit can be arranged as well as the provision of educational experience within harm reduction practice AND individualized career development guidance.
In addition, the organizations welcomes collaboration with other parties or individuals involved in arranging school internships, service learning projects, or connecting people with volunteer opportunities.

Check out their website (www.leshrc.org) for more information about the organization, and feel free to reach out to the contact information provided below.

Sadat Iqbal
Director, Syringe Exchange & Outreach Services
Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center
25 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
212 226 6333 ex 106

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