Masculinities 101: Week in Review

6 Apr

What did you miss in masculinities news this past week? We got you covered:

Here, at Masculinities101, Tara Fannon looked at the Philadelphia Chicken Wing-Bowl (apparently that is a thing): Boobs, branding and bravado served up with a side of wings: it’s what happens when the worst of American pop-culture collides.

In another article, Julia Meszaro analyzed constructions of racialized femininity in the Commercialized Romance Tour Industry: Desiring an Exotic June Cleaver: Race in the Commercialized Romance Tour Industry.

But there is more:

Baseball season started last weekend and apparently, some media talking heads won’t accept that a player is missing a game or two… for the birth of his first child. What exactly happened? New York sports-talk radio hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason blasted New York Mets player Daniel Murphy for taking games off to witness the birth of his child and be with his family. Esiason even argued that Murphy’s wife should have scheduled a C-section before the start of the season, so Murphy would not miss any games. Two men telling a women to have a surgical procedure, so that they can watch some hitting a ball with a bat. Brilliant.

Meanwhile, over at, Allison Benedikt discusses the problem with pink as well as the problem with the problem with pink.

Buzzfeed has a stunning collection of photographer Meg Allen’s photos of Butch Women in San Francisco.

Over at Sociological Images, Lisa Wade and Jay Livingston debated a recent commercial that featured construction workers engaging in pro-feminist catcalls.

Lastly, Lindy West’s article at jezebel, is still a good read, containing some great arguments for countering anti-feminist and men skeptical of feminism.

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