Man Tan

14 May
Source: Author's image

Source: Author’s image

What do Gerard Butler, George Hamilton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey all have in common? You may have guessed it … they use fake tan.

Recently my wife interrupted me whilst I was studying in my little ‘man cave‘.  She was getting ready for a night out to celebrate her brother’s engagement and needed to apply some ‘Tan Building Moisturizer’ to her back and couldn’t reach.  Obediently, I obliged and applied the tanning cream, which I was instructed to make sure I washed off my hands.  On the way into the bathroom, I spied myself in the mirror and thought I looked a little pale and peaky … you guessed it … I rubbed what cream was left on my hands into my face.  I said nothing to my wife until later that evening, when I asked her whether I had a nice healthy glow?  She laughed when I told her of my impulsive act of ‘man-scaping’ and warned me I had better not tell her brothers or my friends, as they would probably make fun…

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