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Celebrating foundations: Sustainability for social change

6 Dec
bell hooks.  (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

bell hooks. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently with white men doing anti-oppression work, and what they seem to struggle with most is a solid foundation. As cliche as it sounds, bell hooks has been an important teacher in my life, and I’d like to start my contribution to this blog with a powerful lesson I continue to learn from her, and that she has regularly returned to. Not only has her work on love and belonging been important to many, I also believe that this is a critical foundation for anti-oppressive political projects of all kinds – this blog included. Now, I realize that you may have just read that statement and wondered how talking about masculinity is an “anti-oppressive political project,” so let me explain that before I get any further. Continue reading

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