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The Dad Code: Modern Fatherhood on Reality TV

11 Nov
Source: aetv.com

Source: aetv.com

Sixty years ago, a reality show about fatherhood would have been unthinkable and frankly pretty boring: dad wakes up, gets dressed, goes to work, comes home, kisses children on the forehead, eats dinner, watches tv, and goes to bed. Today, the same reality show would look quite different. Fathers are more involved in parenting than ever (see this Soc Images post on the historical trends of men’s parenting); we even observe dads who choose to stay at home (see Rochlen, Suizzo, McKelley, and Scaringi 2008 for more on stay-at-home dad’s experiences). Luckily, A&E has decided to entertain us with a new look at fatherhood by adding the reality show, Modern Dads, to their fall lineup.

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