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Visible Men, Yet Invisible as Men

9 Jun
Source: author

Source: author

When I first undertook my research into Irish men’s recreational use of illicit drugs, I knew that men were more likely to engage in illicit drug use than women. However, I hadn’t examined the literature in great depth at that time. Now having extensively researched the topic it is widely evidenced that men, the world over, are the predominant users of illicit drugs[1].

Like men elsewhere, Irish men are more likely to be binge drinkers[2] and users of illicit drugs than women[3]. Irish men are nearly twice as likely to use cannabis, ecstasy or cocaine[4]. Moreover, Irish men are more likely to experience problematic drug and alcohol use, and report difficulties in their lives as a result of their drug use. Irish men account for approximately 80% of those in drug treatment centres / services[5] and accounted for 72% of all drug related mortalities in Ireland during 2011[6].

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