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Educate Yourself!

11 Dec

If you are a man or a men’s group working for gender justice, you are trying to be effective allies, and as Mia Mckenzie and Jamie Utt point out, two of the most important parts of allyship are education and accountability. Moreover, without enough self-education first (and during, and after), accountability usually creates more work for marginalized people, rather than helping them. That is why I am being very intentional about making self-education the first men’s group activity I post about.

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Men’s Group Projects: an introduction

13 Nov

As an introduction to my future posts here at Masculinities 101, this post will be a little different from most of what you see on activist and academic blogs.  I am not thinking of my contributions as a blog, so much as an attempt at solving one specific problem. I have been researching men’s feminist activism for about ten years now. I have been involved in such activism for even longer (the picture is me with NOMAS Boston in 2006). I keep running into one major, and easily remedied, concern for the groups I work with, research, and read about. My posts on this blog will be a small and humble attempt to fix that problem, and I want to start by telling a story.

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