Week in Review

22 Jun

Week in Review

In Academia:
You can currently access the new volume of Gender & Society, as well as a number of book reviews through their Online First system. Of particular interest among the articles is this one on gendered homophobia women in the male-dominated field of construction face, and this one on the relationship between compulsory heterosexuality and women’s experience of sexual violence. Among the book reviews, Andrea Doucet reviews Superdads: How Fathers Balance Work and Family in the 21st Century, by Gayle Kaufman.

At some of our favorite blogs:
At Feminist Allies, there’s a great discussion about friendship, specifically the importance of men having women as friends.
At Sociological Images, Lisa Wade explores the words used to police women who refuse traditional female deference.
And, at Girl W/Pen, Virginia Rutter discusses the relationship between feminism and unions.

At Masculinities 101:
Two fantastic posts this week! First, Aimee Lutkin talks about women, comedy, and sexism. Next up, Peter Rauch revisited the UCSB shooting, the #yesallwomen campaign, and men’s backlash. He went on to explain, step by step, how privileged groups ought to respond when marginalized groups talk about their experiences.

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