June 1-7 Week in Review

7 Jun

This week, Masculinities 101 was featured on the blog, Girl With Pen. The editors of Masculinities 101 would like to thank Girl With Pen for giving us the opportunity to share our blog on a site that we all admire so much!

Cliff Leek posted an expanded commentary on Elliot Rodger on Masculinities 101. After his initial op-ed with Michael Kimmel in the New York Daily News, Cliff has appeared on a few radio shows (89.3KPCC Southern California Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio) to address racism and misogyny in this senseless act of violence.

Also on Masculinities 101 Cheryl Llewellyn discussed Jonah Hill’s apology for using a homophobic slur. Visit the post to discuss the utility of these types of public apology.

The campaign, #notallmen (a hash tag used to indicate frustration against the idea that all men are involved in gender oppression, see this discussion in Slate) gained more traction this week. In response, we have seen the emergence of the hash tag, #yesallwomen (used to signify that all women experience gender inequality), as well as a piece in the New York Times entitled Yes, All Men.

The June 2014 issue of Men and Masculinities was published, including new articles on masculinity, heterosexuality and marital status; white masculinity in both the Canadian and Australian context; masculinities in prisons; and masculinities amongst “power gym” male boxers.


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