Masculinities 101 Week in Review

31 May

Most of this week’s suggested readings raise the question of what role masculinity (and race) played in the UCSB shooting, and the (social) media discussions that followed. Here are some essential reads:

At the Guardian, Hadley Freeman argues that “Rodger was enabled in his misogynistic feelings by a culture that exists to validate the feelings of angry, lonely and sometimes mentally unwell men”, while Jessica Valenti discusses the #YesAllWomen debate on twitter and the backlash against it. And over here, you can find a collection of powerful tweets under the #YesAllWomen hastag.

Our very own Cliff Leek (together with Michael Kimmel) expanded the discussion, arguing that the interplay of masculinity and whiteness are at the root of Rodger’s entitlement. Cliff Leek explained this role of whiteness and masculinity more explicitly in two radio interviews that you can listen to here and here.

At Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan gives an account of the disturbing discourse in one of the online message boards populated by the UCSB shooter before his death.

On a related note, here at Masculinities101, Amelie Rives wrote about media representations of rape victims.

Emily Hughes at Buzzfeed wrote an open letter/ FAQ to men talking about Feminism.

And here at Masculinities101, our own Tara Fannon continued her series about (dis)ability and gender, with her latest post on sight, visual culture and identity.

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