Masculinities 101 Week in Review

23 May

This week on Masculinities 101…
This week brought two totally different but equally great posts. Markus Gerke shared a piece he wrote for Sociology Lens on gender and marathon running. With running gaining popularity, this post is timely and worth a read.
Tal Peretz shared his thoughts on the importance and function of mission statements in men’s gender justice activist groups. As always, his post pushes activists to think critically about the work they do.

Around the web…
At The Guardian, Jessica Valenti debunks myths put forward by conservative writers who claim that there is an epidemic of “crying rape” despite robust evidence to the contrary.
This interview with Rebecca Solnit talks about “mansplaining,” feminism, and her recent publication.
Several discussions of gender in media appeared around the web. There’s this book review of Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century, by Amanda D. Lotz, a book that describes a variety of male-centered shows and the masculinity(ies) they portray. And you can read an interview with Michael C. Hall and Jim Mickle on masculinity in the new film, Cold in July. Finally, you might be wondering what fat shaming has to do with the Opera…find out more here.

At some of our favorite blogs…
How gender impacts education and income, at Feministing
Class and stay-at-home motherhood, at Sociological Images
On being a black, gay man, at Everyday Feminism

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