Masculinities 101 Week in Review

14 Mar

Missed important reads on gender equity and masculinities this week? We’ve got you covered:

Here on Masculinities 101, Natascha Yogachandra wrote about men’s role in preventing violence against women.

The Center for the Study of Men & Masculinities hosted a film screening and discussion last weekend: This is how I roll deals with men entering the sport of Roller Derby. Go watch the movie. And read Cheryl Llewellyn’s take on the panel discussion here at Masculinities 101.

Mike Elk of ‘In These Times’ analyzes Southern working class masculinities and their role in the anti-union campaign at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Over at The Guardian, Lola Okolosie asks the question: What is the cost to boys of our traditional view of masculinity?

SociologicalImages grapples with the paradox of how femininity is considered weakness while at the same time it has the power to strip men of their manliness, and in an different article asks for the reasons for the rise in facial hair transplants.

Brooklyn based artist Tatyan Falalizadeh created the amazing and important project Stop Telling Women To Smile that challenges the street harassment in public spaces. The project and related events take to Los Angeles this week.

Suggestions on recent interesting and insightful articles, videos, features or research on men, masculinities or gender? Please share them in the comment section.

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